Alfa-version based on Etherium-blockchain and integrated with CDN and DRM systems is ready and operational. It will be made available for the public testing in the nearest future.

We’ve also visited six major film markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States and had meetings with over 250 content providers from all around the world. Their reaction to CINEZEN was overwhelmingly positive and over 95% of rights holders with whom we met agreed to co-operate with us and are interested in placing their libraries at our marketplace. It means that we already have been pledged access to more than 10,000 titles and this number will grow considerably after forthcoming film markets.

The first ever BVOD (i.e Blockchain Video-on-Demand) film licensing agreement has been drafted by an LA-based law firm Harris Tulchin & Associates and the world’s first BVOD licensing deals were signed and announced during European Film Market in Berlin with a number of international sales agents. We expect dozens of new deals to be signed in the weeks following EFM.